I have to say, I really respect true sports fans in Phoenix. These people have gone through a Cardinals season that gave them the first pick, multiple terrible attempts by the Suns to surround Devin Booker with a basketball team, and many relocation attempts by the Coyotes.

But the Cardinals are finally a respectable team. NFC West teams have treated this team as an easy win for the past couple years. Putting Josh Rosen in this terrible situation in 2018 was just not the answer. But an offensive guru, Kliff Kingsbury, and a capable young QB in Kyler Murray has given this team some respect. Gone are the days of the Cardinals being pushovers. They have the ability to beat any team in the NFL, but also can lose to any team in the NFL. They will certainly not make the playoffs, but they are not far from making the NFC West a bit more interesting.

The Suns have done surprisingly well to start the NBA calendar year. With wins against the Wolves, Trailblazers, Clippers, Warriors, 76ers and Nets, the Suns are putting together quite the early success story. Again, it is unlikely they make the playoffs in such a tough western conference, but they are willing to beat out tough teams. Who knows, it’s too early to tell who the real contenders are, maybe they sneak in like the Clippers last season.

Finally we reach the forgotten team. The Arizona Coyotes have been an after thought to many in the sports community. But at 11-6-2, the Coyotes have started fast. They currently sit at second in the Pacific Division and have the best chances at sustaining this success. It seems the Coyotes are finally on the rise after years of failed tanking and relocation attempts.

Finally the Diamondbacks, there isn’t that much to say. The D-Backs have enjoyed being in the playoff hunt for the past couple of seasons. However, they have only made the postseason once in the past three years, despite finishing second in the NL West twice. Their division has been dominated by the Dodgers, and it seems the Padres are on the rise. It will likely take a big off-season to bring the D-Backs back into contention.