I feel like these picks were very easy to make. However, there was some debate in the National League, but the American League seems about all wrapped up. So let’s dive in.

American League

Yordan Alvarez (LF, Astros)

.326 BA, 27 HR, 77 RBI

Alvarez was included in the Josh Fields deal a couple years back with the Dodgers, (imagine this home run machine on the Dodgers). His 51 RBIs in 46 games are the a record for the most in Major League history, beating Ted Williams in 1939, with 47 in 45 games. Alvarez’s 17 home runs in his first 46 games are an Astros record, previously held by George Springer.

National League

Pete Alonso (1B, Mets)

.264 BA, 50 HR, 115 RBI

Alonso is leading the league in home runs with 50, and is driving the Mets to a possible post season position. Alonso has been nothing short of extraordinary this season and is a possible candidate for MVP. His average may be low but he has packed up the RBI and Home Run numbers.

Fernando Tatis Jr. (SS, Padres)

.317 BA, 22 HR, 53 RBI

Tatis has been making highlights all year, he has been the infield anchor the Padres have needed. While his power hitting numbers are lower than Alonso’s, he makes up for it with a higher average. He hasn’t been on a successful team, but the award doesn’t have to go to the player on the better team.